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Words with Friends

A collection of collaborative poems
West Harlem, NYC 2023


July 2023

How fully finished growth spurts appear effortless yet enormous somehow accelerated

Propel belongings, drip attachments, leave metallic initials etched

Reverse punctuality beyond green perceptibility

Follow, don't hinge, MOVE!

Hushed youthful misremembered membranes latch encompassing trades 

Space time rusted 

Entangled sweeteners trusted with overwhelming importance

Messages floating even through filtered entrances


July 2023

Tinkering toying lighting fingering 

Loosely connected fluidly surveyed 

Blue cinder blocks 

Candy choker

Slender dim ashes surprise highways that charge forward slightly gasping 

Moments flitting behind streetlamps

Still remembering 

Infectious giggling permeates hallowed necklines 

February 2024

Grapefruit tangerine association

Dread the beginning when dreams flew upwards yet towards light

Sound appeared drenched sweatily in my ears

Beyond the flip and constant grime, rind, and rot 

She opened subtly my luggage, appearing uncomfortably startled at molded citrus remains

I drew breath and declined.

February 2024

Boy swelled with the fuzzy image of heartfelt joy

Reminiscent of nostalgic memories,

he thought profusely about how his dreams and expectations have miraculously come to a brief pause

The reality settled in beyond his current grasp of his paralleling ideals 

Even though the weight compounded on top of fragile feelings, 

hints toward freedom and release flowed and without remorse and solitude 

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