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April 2023
Riverside Park, NYC 2023

How to capture fleeting moments of beauty that exist between me and myself that I still want to share with you, but couldn't conceivably. 

The sun perfectly in my face through the window as the little trumpets on the tree face down 

The bird seems to float between the branches while she sings without music into my ears.

The soft clicks of the wetness in her mouth opening and closing in between breaths. 

I'm sitting here. 

I can’t bring you in, but these are the moments I want to. 

Perhaps I want you inside me, to have my perspective, my life. 

I want you to be me, I want you to experience what it is to be me. 

‘This too shall pass’ she sings, somehow without cliche, and it’s true as the sun starts to fade

My eyes start to gloss over from staring into it for too long. 

Everything is pink and rainbow and glared.

I can't see anymore. 

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