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effort toward cohesion and digestible publication

Photo by Elyza Parker


“My back hurts,” says the old man as he lowers his body into the booth made of torn maroon plastic. “Mine too,” says a woman I assume is his long-term wife. “You think this is a good diner?” she asks.


I didn’t have set plans for the day. I didn't have set plans for any of the rest of that sweatily stuck-together month other than cleaning out my apartment.


In the early spring while the resident Madison Square Park trees began to grow leaves, I visited Hugh Hayden’s desolate Brier Patch.


Walking into Andie Carver’s studio day or night creates a breath of peace. A moment of respite so


I’m trying to find a word larger than collection and closer to encyclopedia to describe the type of diverse agglomerations that evoke a grief-like overstimulation upon contact.


When I was in the fifth grade growing up in Mid-City Los Angeles, the internet was still in the Web 1.0 era. It was the late 2000’s. I was really good about doing my homework then.

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